Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday thrifting!

I usually NEVER go out on Black Friday! I don't know if anyone else does?
But for me, I would rather relax and stay home....since now I am into thrifting, I am going to take a risk of going to the thrift shops tomorrow! Yes, I am going out on black Friday!

Has anyone ever gone to thrift shops on Black Friday?? If so, are they really busy or are they just quiet because everyone is at Best Buy or some of the other retailers looking for a good deal?

I thought it was a great idea of going thrifting tomorrow only because I figured no one would be there!

Has anyone had any experiences..if so what? I would like to be prepared!!

Hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your Thanksgiving....

till then Happy Thrifting!


  1. Hi - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on your blog - cute!
    I do not plan on heading out for Black Friday because I visited the thrift stores yesterday and did pretty good (I think). I came home with 401+403 Butterfly Gold bowls, a 470 Forest Fancies space saver (no lid), 2 Butterfly Gold sugar bowls with lids (different shapes), a red primary bowl (old one with no number), 3 pink depression glass pieces and a few magazines. All in really good shape except for the red primary that has a nice shine, but some challenges.
    Can't wait to see what you come home with!

    1. Thanks, I changed it last night!
      Sounds like you bought a lot of nice items! I came back from the thrifts today, it was actually very quiet, I was pleased!
      Although there was NO PYREX in sight, I did however get a few other vintage items that were nice.

      I will be posting them on my blog tonight.


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