Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday's finds

I finally was able to get to the thrift stores this Friday after 2 weeks of being stuck in the house!
I was so happy and excited to see what I would find!

I found this ORANGE Autumn Harvest in the GW. I have NEVER seen this color before in this pattern..usually it is a 2 QT. Below is all of the Autumn harvest mixing bowls that I have. I have not seen one in along time and it is one of my favorite patterns.
It was $3.00 @ GW.

I recently lost the Pyrex Turquoise Dinnerware set! Complete for setting of 8!
I was willing to pay for it on eBay, but someone outbid me and I was not home to watch it.
I was very upset but I knew I was going thrifting on Friday.
I came across these beauties in a GW! Although it is not a lot of pieces I still grabbed them and took them home with me!
These are the Flamingo Pyrex dinnerware with the gold trim. 
I did not think I would like to gold trim, but when I cleaned them up they looked beautiful!
I LOVE them!

It came with 3 saucers, 4 dinner plates & 4 snack plates.
They were $1.00 a piece! So it was $11.00 for all!
Now I just need to build on them to make a setting for 8.

I also found this "Sandlewood" casserole dish. It was $3.00 but I picked it up because it was very fall like and I love the fall! Came without Lid

I found this promotional casserole dish at RWB! It was $5.95 but it came with the holder!!!
But when I was unwrapping it to show my husband I noticed that one of the handles broke! =(
So now I have no holder! I am searching on eBay for the same holder but no luck!
It is a nice piece anyway, because it has grapes on it and I love fruit!

When I tried to look this pattern up on they did not have this pattern on there!!
So I tried to research it more and some people called this pattern "Golden Casserole"
Does anyone know what the name of this pattern is?

I bought this Pyrex carafe at GW. It came without a lid but I liked the decals on it and it is in pretty good condition!
I bought this for $3.00.

That was all the Pyrex I could find! Not much but here are all the other awesome finds...

These are beautiful teal wine glasses. They are by the Indiana glass company, the pattern is called "Park Lane".

I found these at Savers, 8 glasses!
I already have the water goblets of 8, and sherbet glasses (8)
and cordial glasses (8) so this just added to my beautiful set!
I love these because they are made very well and are heavy!
All I need now is the tumblers and plates and I have the full set!

Guess how much these costs???....

$3.99 for all 8 glasses!!!! 

I found these awesome glasses at RWB.
They are so colorful! and very springy!
They were 0.95 cents each.
I believe these are made by Federal glass company.

I found this "French onion soup" bowl at GW for $2.00. 
I have another one that I bought at the GW awhile ago same color but different design!
I love these soup bowls with the lids! They are very cute!

I bought this funky 60's cheese board at RWB. I love the colors it is so retro!
It also came with the cheese knife.
Can't wait to use this around the holidays.
It was $2.95!

I bought this vintage Christmas tree stand with original box!

I got this at one of the Savers that I went to.

It was $2.99

Also bought these two christmas decorations! (Above) is a Christmas Santa napkin ring! With original box, how cute!

and (below) is a vintage Santa ornament with original  box!
$1.99. Both at Savers.

I found this Gemco Creamer of the "snowflake blue" pattern!
It was $1.95!

I also found 2 Pyrex "Butterfly gold" mugs, (pictured on the flower mug holder)
they were $1.99 for both!

and also the Gemco "Butterfly Gold" Creamer for $1.95!

I also found this yellow juice carafe with lid in great condition!
$2.99 at Savers!

Who makes this?


  1. You made up for lost time if you were in the house for two weeks - you found some great things!! I always like that last carafe when I see other people find it - it's cute!

    1. Yes I deff did! I was determined to bring home a lot of stuff!
      Yes the juice carafe is cute. Nice for the summer time.

  2. You did good!!
    The flamingo plates are very pretty and cheery.
    For the casserole, I’ve seen the Pyrex pattern called Golden Grapes too. What kind of holder did it have? Do you have a pic of it? If you do, I’ll keep my eyes opened for you!

    1. Love the flamingo plates, was not sure if I liked them before I washed them but when I did finally wash them they came out beautiful!

      The holder for the Golden Grapes is with 2 white flat handles...I do still have it because my husband said that don't throw it out maybe you can find a handle for it! So it is sitting in my living room....I will take a picture of it and post it on my blog by tomorrow..

      That is so nice of you! =) Thank you so much! If you find it, that would be wonderful! Because it does look nice in the holder.

  3. I have the same carafe =]



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