Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas decorating will begin!

Tomorrow is the last day of November and this is the time I usually start decorating for Christmas!
Although, I have not done the outside of my house or the inside yet....(shame on me) I will be getting to it this weekend.....
I will be trying very hard to find vintage Christmas decorations tomorrow, (Friday thrift day) and Possibly on Saturday (Estate Sale day).

I have everything organized for everything to come down from the attic, but I do need to get some new lawn is a sad story. Last year I bought 2 moving reindeer's, a multi-Christmas tree and other lawn decor...Not sure if it was before or after Christmas but someone stole one of my moving reindeer's in the middle of the night, that is one thing I do not like about NYC.
My neighbor told me she heard some kids laughing and running about 2 am so I am assuming it was them.
Immature kids or adults do not make it fun anymore, that is why this Christmas I was debating to even put anything out there, but I will. I will just keep my eyes peeled!

Anyway, I still have my fall decorations up outside (I am the only one)
I know I know I will take them off this weekend! I just love the fall!

But now it is time for Christmas so I will decorate, My list for decorations tomorrow are:

Lawn decorations
Christmas Lights
Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Vintage Christmas Decorations
More lights
Moore Pyrex
etc etc....

Notice I added Pyrex...who can forget to buy some Pyrex!!!! =)

I have a big day ahead of for now

Happy Thrifting!


  1. You are so techie...Pyrex with it!

    1. Thank you! I thought of it out of the blue one night. Love it myself!

  2. I can relate - I still have my fall wreath on the door, and Christmas lights are popping up all around. I justified that there's still no snow here, so I'm ok, but December 1st is the deadline I think.

    1. I still need to get more christmas decorations, did not find a lot today.


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