Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My collection for vintage cookbooks

I have such a fascination for vintage cookbooks, not sure what it is but I love them!

Here are all of my cookbooks that I have collected and used of course =)


  1. I'm a nut about the vintage cookbooks, I really feel the love of pyrex and the old cookbooks go hand in hand. I think I have a couple of the same ones you do, but have never seen the ones in the bottom photo-I love those. Some of my favorite things are the small paper pamphlets from either appliance companies, or food companies, they sometimes have the greatest illustrations.

    If you are anything like me-the old decorating books will be your next must have! I love all the books from the 1950's, and am constantly on the lookout for them.

    1. Maureen, Pyrex and vintage cookbooks are great together, I know!
      The last photo, they are two real wood cookbooks.
      I got them both at antique shops-the one to the left is from the 30's I believe and is a cocktail book.
      The one to the right is a recipe book from the 50's.
      Yes, the small paper pamplets are good too! I do not have any though =/

      Decorating books? Hmmmm.....I might have to look those up because I am sure I would LOVE them! I am like you, I love all 50's books, I go wild! =)


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