Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage Christmas Decorations found!

I found some vintage Christmas decorations in my grandmother's attic about 1 year ago, I never took pictures of them...Not sure if they were my grandmother's or her tenant that lived in my apartment for about 30 years!

I will be using them this Christmas. This Christmas will be the first time I am using  VINTAGE Christmas decorations. I was never really a big fan of Christmas till I fell in love with the vintage decorations!

Can't wait to start decorating!

The ornaments I bought at Savers this past Friday.
This one below was 0.99 cents!

and this one was only $1.99


  1. So cute - my favourites are the first Santa and the one with the sled. Cute baby Muppet too!
    The satin ornaments always remind me of my grandparents tree - my grandma must have liked them, because they were the only ones on their tree when I grew up. Maybe she learned that with so many grandkids running around at Christmas, she was better off with unbreakables! lol

    1. I took these pictures in her attic this afternoon and wanted to show you guys!

      Yes, I love those myself. That is so nice that you remember that your grandparents had those ornaments, I remember my mom having them when I was a kid myself and that was in the 90's.

      And yes she probably knew she had a lot of grand kids and didn't want glass flying all over lol.

  2. The Santa in the second picture - I want him! Hah!!

    1. Isn't he cute?!
      He is actually an ornament! I will be putting him on my tree this year!


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