Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vintage obsession!

Well, all of you know that I am obsessed with PYREX, but I am also obsessed with everything that is vintage!

Does anyone else have an obsession for something else other than Pyrex?

See what addiction can do!!! This is a before and after picture......

Two vintage cocoa cola trays, top was $10 and bottom was $8 at a garage sale

I bought these beautiful red ruby canisters at a few antique malls to complete..They are by Wheaton NJ

My vintage bookcase with all of my vintage books in my living room!

and my favorite possession! My 1940's bar filled with vintage barware!


  1. Love that bar- it is awesome! I just recently got into Pyrex; been into vintage my whole life!

    1. Thank you =) The bar is my favorite piece of furniture.
      The bar is actually from England and there isn't many in the USA, I only saw one other one on craigslist about a year ago and the middle part was copper!

      I paid $300 for the bar! I saw it in one of my favorite antique centers in upstate NY, and I loved it the first time I saw it, but she was asking about $900....then I went back the second time, it was still there...and the price went down to $600....the third time I went I believe the price was down to $500, it had been sitting there awhile, so I called the place a few days later and the seller was there and she said how about $300 and to me it was a really good price so I bought it! =)

      Lucky you, I have been into vintage things for about almost 3 years now and I will never turn back =)
      I LOOVE Pyrex, I got into it about 8 months or im addicted!


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