Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two new items to my collection

No, it is not Pyrex! But I think it is just as good!
My friend went to her boyfriend's friends house who was moving out of state and was selling things in her home...I could not make it that day but she picked up two awesome finds for me!

She picked up this beauty for me. It is a 1950's Oster meat grinder!
It actually still works! And the women had it from the 50's she was the only owner.
Everything original =) 
Now to find a place for it....

and she brought me home this. A 1950's Osterizer blender!
I needed a vintage blender, I refused to buy a new one.
and this still works also and she was the original owner on this one too.

Got both for $15 bucks! SCORE! =)


  1. Score for you is right!
    I love the appliances from back then - they were built to last, and if something isn't working right anymore, you can usually fix it. I often believe the new appliances are made so they can't be fixed so you'll have to buy new ones. What do you think?

    1. I think you are exactly right! They make TV'S, Computers, appliances etc to break BUT they are mostly made in China, and everything from China breaks!
      We need to make stuff in the USA again...that is why the old stuff never breaks!
      That is why I refuse to buy anything new, all of my dinner plates, drinking glasses etc are all vintage!
      I am updating all my appliances to vintage...and then I am working on the furniture!


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