Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liz and Dick movie?

My Review:

I would not even call it a movie! It was HORRIBLE...I knew that Lindsay would not portray Elizabeth like she should, Lindsay is not capable of it, she really has no talent!

With all the wonderful, talented actresses they have out there, they could have found someone to portray her with respect and dignity!

I only turned it on because I thought maybe I could be wrong? I was right.
I felt like she was on speed and she was just reading the script without emotion or care.
I turned it off halfway and was disgusted. Elizabeth had such talent, she was one of my favorite actresses...although I do not favor her 8 husbands and marrying non-stop but that isn't my business she got bored very quickly it seemed.

Has anyone seen this disaster of a TV movie?

If so what are your reviews?

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