Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pyrex Addiction

This is one of my kitchen cabinets where I store Pyrex and other nice vintage stuff!
It is FILLED! Having a Pyrex addiction is something...before I was even "into" Pyrex like this,
I used to read some blogs before I made my own and all I saw people say was "I found this Pyrex at a thrift" and so on...and I was wondering what the fuss was all about? 
Then I went thrifting and knew what it was all about!
It was great! And so my Pyrex addiction continued.

Does anyone else's cabinets look like this?
Have you downsized?


  1. I am STRUGGLING to find spaces for my pyrex. I haven't downsized, though I should. I was lucky enough to find a lady on Craigslist who was moving, and selling her pink pyrex collection. When I went to see it, I realized it was flamingo pink, which I really liked. Anyway, she had duplicates, which I know I should get rid of. The only problem, where I live is almost a wasteland for vintage pyrex, so I am so hesitant to downsize any of my collection! I wish I could arrange a pyrex swap up here, that would be ideal!

    1. That is great you found a lady on craigslist selling Pyrex, I NEVER do!

      I also have duplicates of several pieces of Pyrex, which I would like to trade or sell but know of no one in my area also.
      You can try selling them on eBay?
      I have tried to list 3 items but have not sold yet..

  2. Hi!
    I also have very limited storage space and I am trying to be selective when buying Pyrex, but there's so many pretties to choose from, and when you encounter them at a good price, it's really hard to pass on them. Thank goodness they are stackable!

    People around here don't use Craigslist much, but I sometimes see Pyrex on Kijiji (which is basically the same principle as Craigslist, but way more popular around here). There isn't much vintage Pyrex there, and when there is, it's usually more than I'm willing to pay.

    It'd be nice to be able to trade if ever I get a chance. Buying on eBay or Etsy is a limited option for me because of the high shipping costs (and often the high asking price too).

    So it's thrift store and the flea market for me this winter, until yard sale season is back, cause that's often where the nicest finds and deals are.

    What are you selling on eBay?


    1. I also try to be selective but I love them all, EXCEPT the forest fancies, golden acorn, golden branch, homestead,woodland.
      Those don't really appeal to me but if they were all together mixed I am sure I would like them!
      and yes when they are a good price I can't walk away!
      I would love to trade with someone, I do have duplicates of some things that I would like to trade or sell.
      I sometimes buy on ebay, depends if it is really rare and a good price or if I get lucky on winning it.

      I just bought an AWESOME piece of Pyrex that is rare for an excellent price! I will post it when I receive it in the mail!
      I have never been to yard sales before are they good?

      Right now I am selling a 2 1/2 Qt. mixing bowl with handles, Early american 1 1/2 Qt casserole & Glasbake green daisy.

      I have tons more in the attic that I have not gotten the chance to list yet.

    2. I'm with you on the Golden branch and Forest fancies. I found a Golden Acorn #575 earlier this fall and I must say I really like it. Still on the fence about Homestead and Woodland and a few others.
      Can't wait to see what you bought. Sounds exciting.

    3. Yeah Homestead and woodland is ehhh..... will have to wait and see it is GREAT!


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