Monday, November 26, 2012

My broken Pyrex holder for the "Golden Grapes" Promo

I expressed in a previous post how upset I was when I came home to show my husband what a great find that I found in a was a "Golden Grapes" promo by Pyrex with the original holder! I have never found a holder till that time and I was so excited. As I was unwrapping it, I noticed one handle had broken sad =(

Here are the promised photo's to one of my followers...

I hope to find another one soon!


  1. Sweet cradle - thanks for posting the pic. I'll keep my eyes opened for you.
    For this one, maybe someone could make wooden replacement handles. It wouldn't be original anymore, but you would at least be able to use it safely and would look better on display.

    1. Neat idea! Thanks...never thought of that. My husband is very handy so I am sure he could make wood handles and stain them to make them look nice and even though like you said it wouldn't be original, I could still use it.

      Right now it is in the attic but I can see if he can swing that idea...and thank you so much for keeping an eye out for me..


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