Thursday, November 1, 2012

No thrift shopping for me until Tuesday

Tomorrow (Friday) is usually my thrifting day! The day all to myself, and I enjoy the day with shopping. But since Hurricane Sandy came and destroyed NYC, CT, NJ & other tri-state areas I wont be able to get to CT tomorrow...not even sure if they are open!
There is a shortage of gas all over and I really want to save it for more urgent things, like food shopping, my husband going to work, emergencies etc. So thrifting will have to wait atleast until Tuesday If I am lucky. I might take a trip while I visit my mom (if she gets electricity) to a really good GoodWill. I am going nuts being in the house for 1 week straight besides going food shopping!!

Usually Friday's is the day I look forward to, to have for myself but oh well, next Friday hopefully everything will be better and I can go back to CT to thrift.

Until then it might be eBay for me and the goodwill by my moms....=(


  1. You are probably better to stay put, from all we see on the news, it looks pretty sad out there.

    1. It is HORRIBLE! I hope everything will be better soon.
      There are lines around blocks for the gas! I have never seen this before. I hope they do not run out of gas completely, because then were all in big trouble!


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