Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some family photos

Wanted to share some of the 1950's and 1960's photo's of my family. I enjoy looking at old photo's. I have some hero's in my family also.

This is my uncle Dominick. Sooo handsome huh?
He enrolled in the US MARINE'S in 1940. He had to had permission from his parent's (my great-grandparents) to leave High School and go into the Marine's. I am really not sure why HE enlisted. He was only 17 years old when he enrolled.
I have ALL of his records from the US Military archives.
He fought in WW2, And was killed in action in  Solomon islands.
He was awarded many metals, one including the purple heart. I can not locate these metals because I have no idea what happened to them.
He is a great hero in my eyes and I am honored he is my uncle.
He is my grandmother's brother.

This is my other grandmother's brother, Jimmy. He was in the US Navy.
He was very handsome also!
Good looks run in my family =)
Below, is him and his former wife Bernice.
He did survive WW2. 
My grandmother lost touch with him years ago, not even sure if he is alive.
But he is also a hero to me!

The Bride, My aunt Ida. (My grandmother's sister in law)
and her father Ralph (my great-grandfather) in front of the house I am living in!!
Long story short, my grandmother's father in law left her and her husband their house when they passed and she still lives in it till this day, ever since she was 18 years old!
It was built in 1930 by him and his workers, he was a contractor!

My mother (above) in the 50's. Wish my grandmother had kept all of her dresses!

(Above) my grandmother and my mom in their home in the 1950's.

(Below) My grandmother and her other daughter Joanne on her communion.

The three angels. My grandmother in the middle, and her two sister in laws, my Aunt Rosie-left
and my aunt Ida-right.

My BEAUTIFUL grandmother being photographed by some guys in a bar!
They thought she was so beautiful, they wanted to take a few shots of her.
This was taken in the 1940's.
Wasn't she beautiful? She is 88 years old and she is still is just as beautiful!
I love you Nanny!

Taken in the 1960's, my mom's sister Aunt Joanne-left and my grandmother on the right.

My mother in the late 60's.

Isn't it funny. My grandmother still has that same couch in the same spot and the same curtains! 
Somethings never change!

Taken in the mid 1960's.

Left to right-
My Aunt Joanne and her ex husband behind her Pete,
My aunt Jo Jo and her husband Uncle Nicky,
My Aunt Barbara and her husband Uncle Del,
Aunt Grace & her ex husband 
and my mother last with my dad Michael.


  1. It's so cool that you have these pictures and are honouring your family members !

    1. Thank you! =) I have tons and tons of pictures, I actually borrowed them from my grandma, she still has them all! It is a treat to see how it was back then.


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