Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pyrex "Holiday" sets

Don't you love the Pyrex holiday sets? They are PERFECT for the holidays.

I personally do not have any of these YET, but tomorrow my husband and I are taking a trip to PA for the whole day...Hopefully I will possibly find it there or in their thrift shops!

I hope so...cross your fingers =)


  1. Good luck, I have the Golden Poinsettia, that's my only one!

    1. LUCKY!
      I hope I find one! I might even be tempted to pay antique mall prices!!!

      I also hope I find more of the Pyrex flamingo dinnerware and also the turquoise.!

  2. I saw the red bowl in the first photo on the left this weekend... for $40. I considered buying it because I have such a love for Christmas, but I just couldn't do it.

    I read your most recent post & can't wait to see what you've found since you've said it's amazing...

    1. I love the Christmas Pyrex!!!
      $40 in a thrift store?!!!!
      If it was in an antique store I always ask them if they can call the seller to get a better price....

      Yes I did find amazing stuff! You will LOVE it!

      I have been delayed to put it on because I am getting everything ready for thanksgiving but I will post them today!


    2. LOL. It was in an antique market. I think this person has booths in every large antique market in a 2 hour radius each way of Toronto... some nice stuff sometimes.

    3. Geeze...that is a crazy price. I got all of mine in an antique store and it still wasn't close to that price! I guess everyone is different.


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